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    Domestic Exchange

    Collaborations in China

        The center pays great attention to the academic exchanges and cooperation with universities and research institutes in China. The center has also established long-term cooperative relationships with many renown universities, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Institute of Process Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University and Tongji University. In the past years, many well-known scholars have been invited and gave academic talks. Our professors were often invited to give talk and participate in seminars in their universities.

        The center has taken the leadership role in hosting academic conferences for many times. For instance, the center hosted the a series of meetings, including Prevention and Risk Assessment Seminars on Heavy Metal Pollution, the Conference on the Comprehensive Utilization of Non-ferrous Metallurgical Resources, the Second Academic Conference on China Non-ferrous Metallurgy, the National Seminar on Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention and Soil Ecological Remediation Technology, the First and Second Academic Conference on National Metallurgical and Mineral Solid Waste Resources Recycling, and the National Frontier Forum on Pollution Control and the Second Chemistry Conference on Solid Waste Pollution Control.

        The center has established funds which has been opened to the public. Since it has been set up, sixteen funds have been granted.

    In terms of scientific training, the center conducts training classes for the enterprises and social organizations, such as the National Academy of Governance and Guangxi Non-ferrous Metal Industry, Guangxi Liugang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Prof. Chai has made a series of academician online reports (Conscientiously Integrating Personal Ideals into the Great Cause of the National Development). Professor Chai has also lectured “My Scientific Dreams” to college students and made a popular science report (Helping Hunan Pollution Prevention and Control with Innovative Technology) at the Hunan branch forum of the National Mass Entrepreneurship. The center has also set up an open day with the theme of Entering the National Engineering Center and Exploring the Innovative World of Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention and Control. Prof Chai encouraged the teenagers to connect their dream with the national development through a series of public speeches.

    For the local community, the 2019 Joint Research Action of the Ecological Environmental Protection and Restoration of the Yangtze River has been officially launched. The center has taken the leadership role in the tracking research work and submitted the project description in Loudi Station on the Ecological Environment Protection and Restoration of the Yangtze River. Moreover, the center helped to solve the key ecological and environmental issues in Loudi, and provided technical support for pollution prevention in Loudi and even the Xiangjiang River as well as the Dongting Lake basins.

    The center built up a display model to promote the systematic, sustainable and innovative development in Dongjiang Lake area in Chenzhou. The center also provided intellectual supports for mid-and-long-term development of Chenzhou.

    The center has managed 42 policies and standards of the authority (12 at the national level) including the Technical Specifications for Arsenic Dregs Stabilization and Disposal Engineering. The center has conducted online video training in Changsha, Xi’an and Nanchang among one of them (The Application of Pollution Permit and Issuance of Technical Specifications for Non-ferrous Metal Industry- the Smelting of Copper, Nickel, Cobalt). In addition, the center has established a joint laboratory with Hunan Aerospace Tianlu Advanced Materials Testing Co., Ltd., which has obtained the qualification of China Metrology Certification. The center has also set up a post-doctoral innovation practice base with Shandong Humon Smelting Co., Ltd.

    The center has focused on the establishment of scientific research transformation platform and actively promotes the integration of production, education and research. In 2011, the center connected with over thirty-three large state-owned enterprises to form the Industrial Technology and Innovation Strategic Alliance for the National Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention and Control, including Zhuzhou Smelter Group Co., Ltd., Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Co., Ltd., Beijing General Research Institute of Mining &Metallurgy. At the same time, the center has maintained close connections with many other enterprises such as Hunan Shui Kou Shan Group Co., Ltd., Zhongjin Lingnan Shaoguan Smelter Co., Ltd. and Chenzhou Jin Gui Yin Ye Co., Ltd.

    National Non-ferrous Metal Industry Ecological Environment Protection Conference

     Prevention and Risk Assessment Seminars on Heavy Metal Pollution

    The National Frontier Forum on Pollution Control and

    the Second Chemistry Conference on Solid Waste Pollution Control

    The Second Academic Conference on China Non-ferrous Metallurgy

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